Ultimatron Lithium battery LiFePO4 24V 100 Ah

Lithium battery Ultimatron LiFePO4 24V 100 Ah UBL-24-100S

Lithium battery Ultimatron LiFePO4 24V 100 Ah UBL-24-100S is a type of lithium battery with excellent performance and high durability against mechanical damage and electrical overloads. The advantages of lithium batteries include uniform current supply even under heavy loads, light weight, and a large number of cycles. In addition, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth 4.0 connection Battery Management System (BMS) Smart, it is possible to monitor in real time:

  • the battery charging/discharging process;
  • calculate the remaining working power, for example – whether there will be enough energy to drive the electric motor to the far end of the lake;
  • monitor the battery temperature – important during hot weather, summer, and charging after use in cold weather;
  • identify the battery’s “Health status”;
  • track charging cycles.


Link for downloading app Android / IOS


  • Ultimatron LiFePO4 batteries can be connected both in series and in parallel, up to a maximum of 4 units.
  • Ultimatron batteries cannot be used as engine starter batteries.
  • If charging is done with generators (such as campers and other vehicles), it is recommended to install a lithium battery charger.
  • BMS does not interrupt current above 50A, but the battery first wears out above this value.

Techninė specifikacija

  • Battery type: Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4;
  • Capacity: 100Ah;
  • Nominal voltage: 25.6V;
  • Cycle count: more than 3000 with 80% DOD discharge;
  • Nominal energy: 2560 Wh;
  • Maximum charging voltage: 29.2V;
  • Ideal/maximum charging current: 20A/50A;
  • Maximum discharge current: 100A;
  • BMS: integrated with Bluetooth 4.0;
  • Operating voltage: 20.0 – 29.2V;
  • Discharge working temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C;
  • Charging working temperature: 0 ~ +45 °C;
  • Storage temperature: -5 ~ +35℃;
  • Protection level: IP65;
  • Connection terminals: M8 hexagon head screw;
  • Dimensions: 522x240xh218 mm;
  • Weight: 23.50 kg

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