Stronger Control Panel For The Regulator

Control panel allows to carry out more прецизионное management position of regulator of transducer by a regulator. It is very important to have step regulation with the reflection of these stages on a control panel. Without visual control, producing the valuable tuning of device is practically impossible. It is important to have the opportunity to save the individual tuning in memory of device. It allows in future not to influence a device each time, and simply by pressure on the special key to cause the priority, stored position from memory. Very comfortably, when I am in the device of the key of the automatic raising and lowering of regulator. It allows to be not distracted from a management by a cutter during motion. All these functions are accessible in a control panel the regulator of STRONGER.

Functions of control panel by the regulator of STRONGER

1. Keys of the automatic raising and lowering of regulator.
2. Keys of step regulation upwards / downward positions of regulator.
3. Key of energyindependent memory for maintenance the favourite of position of      regulator.
4. Indicator of position of regulator

Delivery of control panel set by a regulator

1. CU by a panel.
2. Control panel.
3. Complete set of wires of connection
it is a 1,5 meter cable of feed
are 5,5 meters management (2 meters are regularly supplied with a regulator and a 3,5 meter is supplied with CU) cable
4. Roofing timbers
5. Instruction *
6. Warranty coupon

* Instruction is not supplied separately with a control panel, she is in the complete set of regulator with the button.

Techninė specifikacija

Teirautis Stronger Control Panel For The Regulator

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