Stronger Transducer Regulator PRO

The regulator of position of transducer version of PRO is intended for getting / up of lowering and regulation of correct angle of slope of transducer sonic depth finder. It is necessary for the exact reflection of data echo of location in the cases of different trim of boat on a stern or on her nose. For the correct reflection of data of transducer must be strictly in parallel to the water smooth surface (to horizon). Thus recommend to set the transducers practically all producers of echo of location. The reflected in this case signal got to them will most correctly represent information on the screen of your device! This model is intended for the little, middle and large on sizes versions of transducers whose weight no more than 1000 gramme.

A regulator in the version of PRO is supplied with the button of management, and also wires, fastening elements, instruction and warranty a coupon on 12 months. For this model connection of precision control panel is envisaged.

Techninė specifikacija

Teirautis Stronger Transducer Regulator PRO

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