Tohatsu MFS25DETL

The MFS25D is designed for a wide variety of boat applications, such as Inflatable, RIB, Aluminum Fishing, FRP and/or Pontoon. Available in a wide variety of options, MFS25D will meet whatever configuration you need for your boat.
We have achieved the lightest weight in its class and improved reliability, without sacrificing performance. Tohatsu strives to deliver a smarter and more exciting boating experience.


Tohatsu 25 hp 4-Stroke Benefits

  • Versatile and lightest 3 cylinder 25 hp
  • All new sleek design
  • Available in variety of model-types; S, L, and ETL with Basic Tiller, Multi-function tiller, or Remote control
  • Best in class power-to-weight ratio provides excellent performance for all styles of boats from light weight to heavy weight
  • Advanced cross-flow induction for smooth operation
  • Ultra Low emission, EPA and CARB approved

High Performance and Easy Operation

  • Optimized gear ratio 2.17:1 gives you better low end torque and the ability to turn a higher pitch prop for better top end performance
  • Battery-less manual start Electronic Fuel Injection 4-stroke
  • Digital CD ignition system for quicker starts
  • High output 17.5 amp alternator
  • Adjustable steering friction and trim tab for reducing steering effort
  • Manual tilt models are equipped with shallow water drive, 6 tilt positions*
  • Power trim and tilt*

Fundamentals for User Convenience and Reliability

  • Built in fresh water flush system on drive shaft housing for easy access
  • No-mess oil filter drip pan located underneath the engine oil filter
  • Tool-free clear fuel filter with floating indicator ring provides detection of water in the fuel system and allows quick and easy service
  • Through-the-prop exhaust for a quieter ride
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system for consistent engine temperature
  • Stainless steel water pump housing liner for outstanding durability
  • High grade marine aluminum alloy that provides the ultimate protection against corrosion
  • Zinc coating on internal water passages for superior corrosion resistance
  • 25 liter (6.6 gallon) fuel tank including fuel fittings and fuel line
  • Aluminum propeller

Warning and Protection

  • Overheat warning (audible and visual)
  • Low oil pressure warning (audible and visual)
  • Safety lanyard (an essential protection feature standard on all Tohatsu outboards)
  • Start-in-gear protection for safer engine starting
  • Over-rev. limiter (audible and visual)
*Certain models



Steering Options

Unique to the MFS25/30D, we have redesigned the tiller handle to include a stop switch, a four-step trolling speed control system from 750 RPM to 1050 RPM, forward - neutral - reverse shifter, throttle friction adjustment, and electric start button on certain models. Tohatsu’s multi-function tiller handle is also available for multiple model options. Both standard and multi-function tiller handles have trolling speed control feature. Remote control models are also available.

Multi-function tiller handle with height adjustment

The multi-function tiller handle is equipped with 3-position height adjustment with optional accessory to provide an additional 4-position height adjustment.

17.5 amp high-output charging system

The electric start models include the best in class 17.5 amp high-output charging system. This is achieved by applying stronger magnets on the magneto and a water-cooled rectifier. These improvements produce the highest alternator output without increasing weight.

Optimum engine mount locations

We have repositioned the engine mount locations and optimized the distance between the upper and lower engine mounts by bringing the upper mount and lower mount forward from the center of driveshaft. Our revamped design reduces vibration and increases maneuverability for a better boating experience.

Minimal water drag gear case

Tohatsu’s newly designed gear case has been given a more torpedo-like shape for optimal hydrodynamic flow, reducing water drag and improving performance - from planing to top end speed. A gear ratio of 2.17:1 optimizes low end torque and the ability to turn a wider variety of propellers for many boating applications.

Newly designed flywheel

The newly designed flywheel creates airflow inside the cowling. This improves the internal air circulation and reduces the temperature of electrical components to maximize reliability.

Whole new intake manifold

The intake manifold has been completely redesigned with resin to reduce weight by 48%.

Additional auxiliary water intake port

The MFS25/30D(W) gear case includes an additional auxiliary water intake port, providing consistent cooling water circulation. This allows the cooling water come up to cool the engine even if the primary water inlet were covered by marine debris.

No-mess oil filter drip pan

The newly adopted oil filter drip pan provides improved serviceability, reduces waste and keeping an environmentally conscious mindset. 

Techninė specifikacija

Engine 4 Stroke 3 Cylinder
Output 25 ps (18.4 kw)
Displacement 500 cc (30.5
Bore x Stroke 61 x 57 mm (2.4 x 2.25 in)
Starting Electric or Manual
Control Type Remote Control or Tiller Handle
Gear Shift Forward - Neutral - Reverse
Gear Ratio 2.17:1 (12:26)
Propeller Selection Range 8" - 14"
Transom Height 15", 20"
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)
Oil Type NMMA Certified FC-W® 4-stroke oil** SAE 10W-30/40 (SF, SG, SH, SJ)
Oil Capacity 1.7L (1.8 qt.)
Fuel Tank 25 L (6.6 US Gal.) Separate Fuel Tank
Weight* 58 kg (128 lbs.)
Alternator Output 12V, 210W, 17.5A
Max. RPM Range 5,000 - 6,000
Electronic Fuel Injection Standard
Digital CD Ignition System Standard
Start In Gear Protection Standard
Thermostat Controlled Cooling System Standard
Through-The-Prop Exhaust Standard
Overheat Buzzer Standard
Power Trim and Tilt Option
Oil Pressure Warning Standard
Variable Idle Speed Standard
Shallow Water Drive Standard
Model Shaft Length Cylinders Electric Start Tiller Handle Remote Control 12V Charging
Trim &Tilt
Remote Fuel Tank Propeller
MFS25DETL 20" 3 S See Note See Note S S S S
Note : Control type can be chosen from multi function tiller, basic tiller and remote control.

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