Yamaha F25 GETS-A

matches our new laptop. Even lighter. Even harder.

The spec now includes two lounge cushions (side and rear), improved carry handles, less EFI and full compatibility with our digital network gauges.

with its single-lever steering friction adjustment, new wide motor mount, high-performance alternator and variable drag speed, Y-COP safety and wide-range power trim & Tent, F25 is a natural choice.


  • 25% lighter - Unique power-to-weight performance
  • New hard and solid one-piece upper
  • New Battery less EFI system for easy starting
  • Manual, electric and manual/electric start options
  • VTS slower than normal idle speed (option R /C)
  • Compatible with Yamaha digital network meters
  • VTS (variable trolling speed) option R /C
  • Wide range of power trim & Tilt the option
  • An exclusive security option for the Y-COP immobilizer
  • multifunction steering wheel option
  • Unique and economical power-to-weight performance
  • High-end alternator for extra starting power

Techninė specifikacija

Engine type 4-stroke
Displacement 432 cm³
Bore x stroke 65.0 mm x 65.1 mm
Lubrication system Wet pump
Ignition system CDI
Starter system Electric/ Manual (WH), Manual (MH), Electric (E, EP)
Fuel tank capacity Išorinis 25l
Weight without propeller 56kg - 63kg

Teirautis Yamaha F25 GETS-A

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