MotorGuide XI5 80Lbs galios 54 FP, SNR, GPS 24V`

Su integruotu GPS. Jungiasi prie Lowrance. Daugiafunkcinis distancinis pultelis:

*Inkaravimas viename taške. Pažymėjus laiko valtį taške (iki 8 taškų)

*Pasislinkimas. Paslenka valtį per 1,5 metro ir laiko tame taške

*Pastovaus greičio palaikymas esant vėjui ar srovei

*Maršrutų atkartojimas. Įsimena iki 8 maršrutų, kuriuos gali atkartoti (Maršruto ilgis iki 7km ilgio)

ANCHOR When at a desired fishing spot, you can lock in the GPS coordinate and remain “anchored” within a few feet, even in wind and current. Save up to eight anchor spots for later use. JOG While in Anchor mode, use the Jog feature to shift your position five feet in any direction. You can Jog as often as you want. (Image shows one Jog left from the original Anchor position.) CRUISE CONTROL While underway using Heading Lock or Route Playback, Cruise Control will maintain a constant boat speed. It even makes adjustments for wind and current. ROUTE RECORD/PLAYBACK Record and store eight routes up to four miles long each. Return to and replay a stored route from anywhere.

Techninė specifikacija

Teirautis MotorGuide XI5 80Lbs galios 54 FP, SNR, GPS 24V`

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