Yamaha F5AMH

Fuel injection system that ensures easy and reliable engine starting. Strong vairalaizdė with ekseleratoriaus lock for convenient management. Convenient shift lever allows steering lock step back from direct engine driving. Robust handle integrated an engine for easy transportation.

Yamaha four-stroke engines F5 features:

Engine type four-stroke, 1 cylinder
Bore x stroke 62mm x 46mm
Displacement 139 cc
Power 2.9kW / 4AG
Maximum speed 4000 ~ 5000rpm
Weight 22 kg
Karbiratorius a
Fuel tank capacity 1.2 l
Oil Capacity 0.6 liters
Lubrication system Forced dash
CDI ignition system
Alternator 12V - 6A
Gear ratio 13:27
Starting Hand
Driving tiller
Ignition and transmission system
Manual forward / neutral / reverse course
Trance manual angle (4 °, 8 °, 12 °, 16 °, 20 °)
Warranty 3metai

Technical specifications

Svoris (kg.) 22 Darbinė eiga (mm.) 62 x 46 Galingumas (kW) 2,9 Kuro bako talpa (L) 1,2 Maksimalios apsukos (rpm) 4000-5000 Kubatūra (cm3) 139 Alyvos talpa (L) 0,6 Galingumas (ag.) 4

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