Bavaria S 40

A good night’s sleep depends on the environment – on spaciousness, comfort and luxury. You need to feel good – as indeed you do in the master’s cabin on the BAVARIA S40. You would be forgiven for calling it a suite, rather than a cabin. A real king-size bed takes centre stage in this room. Large windows make sure there is plenty of natural light. And when the day draws to an end, one thing is sure – you will have a great night’s sleep.

Techninė specifikacija

Length overall 12,21 m 12,21 m 12,21 m
Length overall incl. Bathing platform 13,29 m 13,29 m 13,29 m
Length hull 11,65 m 11,65 m 11,65 m
Beam overall 3,99 m 3,99 m 3,99 m
Height above waterline 3,59 m 3,38 m 3,38 m
Draught, drive raised (approx.) 0,70 m 0,70 m 0,70 m
Draught, drive lowered (approx.) 1,05 m 1,05 m 1,05 m
Dry weight 8.472 kg 8.956 kg 9.129 kg
Fuel tank (approx.) 750 l 750 l 750 l
Water tank (approx.) 250 l 250 l 250 l

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