Princess 40M

The commanding facade of the tri-deck 40M is quite breath taking. Her elegant powerful lines flow around sublime architecture. Secluded sunbathing retreats, a spa bath, beautifully proportioned dining areas, and a walk-in beach club are just some of her luxurious features. Everything to ensure that getting away from it all and spending time with friends is a true pleasure.

Her interior has been sculpted to exude expansive space and light throughout. Across every deck is a world that’s shaped by your personal tastes and lifestyle. This remarkable place of bespoke refinement is then finished with meticulous precision.

Techninė specifikacija

Ilgis 40.16m

Plotis 8.02m

Grimzlė 2.29m

Svoris apytikslis 235 tonos

Kuro talpa 29345l

Vandens talpa 5000l

Teirautis Princess 40M

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