Galeon 425 HTS

The 425 HTS follows the express cruiser concept of the Galeon 485 where the main deck is a dry area protected from the noise and elements by a glass door and window combo. This also allows to fit in heating and air conditioning, a welcome feature in most climates.

The sleek lines and aggressive profile make it easy to forget the yacht’s true nature where functionality and comfort will always take precedence. Features like wide side decks for easy bow access in all weather conditions, a garage for an inflatable tender or gangway option for safe marina access are sure to impress future owners.

Techninė specifikacija

Length of the hull [m] 11,99 [ft] 39’
Length overall [m] 13,46 [ft] 44’
Beam of the hull [m] 3,84 [ft] 12’7’’
Beam overall [m] 3,90 [ft] 12’10’’
Draft max. (canoe body) [m] 1,09 [ft] 3’7’’
Fuel tank capacity [dm3] 950 [US Gal] 209
Water tank capacity [dm3] 450 [US Gal] 119
Mass of Light Craft Condition [kg] 12425 [lbs] 27392
Maximum load [kg] 2770 [lbs] 6107
Min. engine (-s) power [kW] 2 x 165 [HP] 2 x 225
Max. engine (-s) power [kW] 2 x 320 [HP] 2 x 430
Crew limit 10  
Category B

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