330 SCANDINAVIA - tai naujausias MAREX statyklos modelis, sukurtas pagal visų šalių jachtų dylerių surinktas rekomendacijas. Visiškai naujas, platesnis dugnas. Modernus salonas su šoninėmis durimis lengvesniam švartavimui ar išėjimui į priekį. Erdvus cocpit'as , galinis denis, su griline ar papildomom sėdėjimo vietomis. Apatiniame denyje didelė master kajutė, dvivietė vidurinė kajutė. Projektuotojai rado galimybę įkomponuoti atskirą aukštą dušo kabiną prie erdvaus tuoleto kambario! Sukurta papildoma antra prietaisų panelė prie lubų leidžia sutalpinti visus ekranus neužstojant vaizdo. Šis jaukus Skandinaviškas laivas sukurtas patogiai keliauti ne tik 4 asmenų šeimai, bet ir priimti nakvynei keletą svečių novatoriškai lengvai užtentuojamame cocpit'e!


The new Marex 330 Scandinavia was designed as a smaller version of the Marex flagship – Marex 375 and as the next edition of the former Marex Scandinavia. It is a fully planing boat. The hull and deck are completely new. Our previous customers wished for a closed boat with a generous sitting area inside as well as a large sitting area outside and that is what we developed! This feature makes the boat suitable for many friends and easy day cruising. A sliding pilot door at the helm has also been requested and built in for easy deck access, thus making mooring and handling much easier. To meet different markets and various needs, the boat can be delivered with either a single or a double engine, both shafts or sterndrives. The cruising speed is from 23 to 30 knots and top speed from 28 to 38 depending on the engine power chosen. When properly enclosed the 330 Scandinavia is warm and makes the summer season last longer in the northern regions and at the same time can easily be cooled with a large air conditioner in warmer climates. The boat has a soft roof in the aft and a front hardtop. The canopy solution is the absolute quickest on the market – it is a sliding roof system with the side curtains stored in the targa arch. Just a minute from a completely closed to a fully open boat.

A double dashboard can fulfil all todays needs for all sorts of instrumentation. It also has integration for iPad and similar devices. Our efficient solar panels can optionally be mounted on the roof with up to 900 watts of charging power – enough to keep the boat without shore connection over a long period of time even with the fridge and freezer permanently on.  The roof comes with an optional mounting rack for the adventurous. A place for bicycles as well as paddle boards or kayaks. Front deck’s sun bed can be thrown to the water as a floating, for kids and parents to play on as their own private beach.

The co-pilot seat can flip over, so that the passengers can enjoy sitting in the driving direction and enjoying the trip in the saloon area. Cooking facilities are really spacious, even for the most passionate gourmets. In addition, the aft part of the boat can be equipped with a large grill. The aft sitting group can be delivered with many options like an extra fridge, ice-makers, extra sitting bench, storage or just open space. The need for storage is well taken care of all over the boat. Below deck: by placing the shower in the centre of the boat we were able to make a highly practical bathroom area. It is generous in space, standing height and it also gives way for a huge front master bed in the front cabin. The mid cabin is spacious as well and has enough room for two individuals to sleep and live in comfortably. As several marinas and lakes have restrictions on size – the 330 Scandinavia can be delivered with either a long or a short bathing platform.

It is a pure benchmark of Scandinavian family boats, made with family values in mind. Perfect for cruising with two or four people and an option for occasional guests to sleep in!

Techninė specifikacija

Hull type Planing
Length (short version) 9,99 M
Length (long version) 10,49 M
Beam 3,40 M
Depth (single engine) 1,10 M
Depth (twin engine) 0,90 M
Displacement (light) 5500 KG
Displacement (max) 7430 KG
Crew B8 / C10

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