Merry Fisher 1295 Fly


Welcome aboard the new Merry Fisher 1295 Flybridge, a boat designed to offer you comfort whether cruising or at anchor, with three cosy cabins!

You'll fall in love with her contemporary, elegant lines, featuring new windows in the hull.  This signature feature by Jeanneau lends an exclusive style to the flagship of this historic line, equipped with triple 300 HP engines.

This new model features multiple living spaces especially designed for relaxation with family and friends. Plenty of time for swimming and moments with your feet dangling in the water from the aft cockpit, with the electrically controlled starboard-side terrace. Port side, a large side door facilitates access for everyone on board. Far from the everyday, you can lounge comfortably on one of three integrated sun loungers on the forward deck, for guaranteed moments of pure relaxation! Sun worshipers will enjoy the fully equipped flybridge for driving at full speed, sunbathing in complete privacy, and enjoying a cocktail with a view of the sea at the end of the day!

Techninė specifikacija

LONGUEUR HT 12,41 m Overall length 40’9”

LONGUEUR HT AVEC OPTIONS 12,56 m Overall length with options 41’2”

LONGUEUR COQUE 11,92 m Hull length 39’1”

LARGEUR HT 3,80 m Overall beam 12’6”

TIRANT D’EAU COQUE 0,76 m Hull Draft 2’6”

TIRANT D’AIR Min : 3,88 m Max : 4,97 m

Air draft Min : 12’8’’ Max : 16’3’’

POIDS SANS MOTEUR (ENVIRON) 8181 kg Weight without engine (approx.) 18 031 Lbs

PUISSANCE MAXI TRI-MOTEURS 3x300 CV/HP Max engine power for tree engines 662 Kw

LONGUEUR DE L’ARBRE MOTEUR (TRI-MOTEURS) 635/762/635 mm Engine shaft length (triple engines) 25’’/30’’/25’’

CAPACITÉ CARBURANT 1174 L Fuel capacity 314 US gal

CAPACITÉ EAU 400 L Water capacity 106 US gal

COUCHAGES / Berth 6/8 CABINES / Cabins 3

CATÉGORIE / Category B-10 / C-12

ARCHITECTES / Designers Homologation conforme aux normes C.E. 2023 MODEL YEAR MERRY FISHER 1295 FLY Jeanneau Design / Centkowski & Denert Design

Teirautis Merry Fisher 1295 Fly

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