RESPO Multiroller 1800 V661

4 450 € su PVM -10%
3 990 € su PVM

Teirautis Pridėti į mėgstamų sąrašą Grįžti atgal

Oficialus RESPO  priekabu valtims ir Laivams atstovas - Laivynas.

Robust but lightweight hot-dip galvanized steel frame. Self-adjusting multiroller system consisting of 24 rollers. It is also suitable for non-standard-bottomed boats, since there are no keel rollers. Position of the axle is adjustable in order to find correct center of gravity.

Techninė specifikacija

Trailer’s dimensions (m) 6.55x2.09
Gross weight 1800 kg
Unladen weight 470 kg
Payload 1330 kg
Axle type leaf spring

Teirautis RESPO Multiroller 1800 V661

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