Dulkan D 220 RL

These boats are small in size with a slatted floor and a flat bottom. It is perfect for those who appreciate the compact size and speed of preparation of the boat for use as the time for flooring installation is not required. Small boats are not just for leisure on the water, they are used in a travelling as a support vessel in the boat or yacht. The boat has good stability and manoeuvrability. The boat consists of 2 isolated compartments.

Techninė specifikacija

Technical specifications: Length, m 2.20 Width, m 1.45 Inside length, m 1.55 Inside width, m 0.65 Balloon`s diameter, m 0.40 Number of collectors 3 Number of people 2 Tonnage, kg 300 Set weight, kg 24 Package dimensions 1.15×0.40×0.40 Motor engine kw/hp 2.6/3.5 Completion: Boat 1 p. Air – pump 1 p. Oar 2 p. Repai set 1 p. Bag for boat 1 p. Chair 2 p. Wooden slats 3 p.

Teirautis Dulkan D 220 RL

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