Dulkan D 290 RL

Description: The classic hull lines, a roomy cockpit, sliding along the guide seats, which allow them to move easily across the entire working area, the bottom rack made of waterproof plywood, inflatable cylinders of larger diameter, keeled bottom, a safety rail along the edges of containers. Assembly – disassembly takes less than 15 minutes. Boats of this series are popular with hunters, fishermen and fans of active leisure on the water. Once assembled, the boat fits in a bag that can easily be placed in the car trunk.

Techninė specifikacija

echnical specifications: Length, m 2.90 Width, m 1.65 Inside length, m 2.00 Inside width, m 0.65 Balloon`s diameter, m 0.40 Number of collectors 3 Number of people 3 Set weight, kg 400 Tonnage, kg 30 Package dimensions 1.15×0.45×0.40 Motor engine kw/hp 3.7/5 Completion: Boat 1 p. Air – pump 1 p. Oar 2 p. Repai set 1 p. Bag for boat 1 p. Chair 2 p. Wooden slats 4 p.

Teirautis Dulkan D 290 RL

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