Dulkan D290DL

Classic hull form, roomy cockpit, the deck of waterproof plywood reinforced with aluminium profiles and cross-stringers, inflatable cylinders of larger diameter, keeled bottom, a safety rail along the edges of containers. The boat is packed in two bags handy and can be transported in the trunk of the car. Assembly – disassembly takes no more than 20-25 minutes. Boats of this series are popular with hunters, fishermen and fans of active leisure on water.

Techninė specifikacija

Technical specifications: Length, m 2.90 Width, m 1.45 Inside length, m 2.00 Inside width, m 0.65 Balloon`s diameter, m 0.40 Number of collectors 3+KEEL Number of people 3 Tonnage, kg 450 Set weight, kg 40 Package dimensions Boat: 1.15×0.45×0.740 Package dimensions Paul: 0.73×0.67×0.07 Motor engine kw/hp 3.7/5 Completion: Boat 1 p. Air – pump 1 p. Oar 2 p. Repai set 1 p. Bag for boat 2 p. Chair 2 p. Veneer planking base 3p. Side connection (stringer) 2 p

Teirautis Dulkan D290DL

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