Stronger Transducer Regulator LIFT

This device is designed for vertical raising / lowering of the echo sounder transducer. This function allows you to correctly adjust the immersion of the transducer for different operating conditions. For example, for high-speed movement on water, you will need to adjust the depth of the sounder transducer, since as a result of movement on the water, the transducer is “airy” and thus the data on the echo sounder screen is no longer relevant, or is not displayed at all. With this device, you can use the method of remote adjustment to select the required vertical position of the immersion of the transducer and thereby set the optimal position for its further use. Also, this device is necessary for the safety of your echo sounder, especially when driving on water in spring during ice melting, as well as when driving on swampy, or little known areas where there is a high probability of damage to the transducer.

In the basic kit for connecting the vertical regulator to the control panel, or the remote button, a 2 meter long cable is used. (tiller version) If your required connection length exceeds 2 meters, then you will need to purchase an extension cable separately. Its length is 4 meters. And in this case, your total installation length will be 6 meters. This length is sufficient for installation on the control console of almost any boat up to 7 meters long if the console is installed no further than the middle of the boat.

We hope that with the help of this device anglers and water enthusiasts will be able to improve the quality of their fishing, as well as safety on the water, thanks to the clear information that they can get from the screen of their fish finder! And of course, you can significantly save your budget for the purchase of new transducers!

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Teirautis Stronger Transducer Regulator LIFT

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