Voyager 700 Cabin


Puikus aliuminis kateris tinkantis aštriom Baltijos jūros bangom ir atšiauriam klimatui.   7,15 metro ilgio ir  2,5 metro pločio. Maksimalus 250ag leistinas variklis.

Maksimalus išbandytas greitis 82 km/h  su 225 ag varikliu. Pilnas ilgis laivo 7,15 metrai.


  • Aluminium hull 5083 marine alloy
  • Metal thickness on the bottom 5 mm, on the sides 4 mm
  • Power-V-Frame inner structure
  • Double side welded body - DSW
  • Vibration and sound insulation of the hull
  • Powerful stem
  • Bow eye
  • Special "Dragon skin" fender
  • Roof aluminium railings
  • Bow aluminum railings
  • Anchor storage in bow
  • Welded mooring cleats, 4 pcs.
  • Fender Hooks
  • Self-draining aft deck
  • Aft locker-stage on the left side with place for installing a winch
  • Aft locker-stage on the right side with a niche for the battery
  • Stern oversized platforms
  • Aft stainless ladder stainless under the crinoline
  • Enlarged transom platforms for installing transom plates, sensors, etc.
  • Anodes for hull
  • Decorative pasting of the board (color - black)

Control and engine

  • Hydraulic steering system for one engine
  • Premium steering wheel

Fuel system

  • Integrated fuel tank 240 l for main engine
  • Integrated fuel tank 14 l for autonomous heater
  • Fuel hoses Marine Fuel (Italy)
  • Fuel level sensor KUS
  • Filler neck Osculati (Italy)
  • Fuel vent stainless steel 16 mm Osculati (Italy)
  • Filler neck Osculati (Italy) for autonomous heater
  • Fuel vent stainless steel 16 mm Osculati (Italy) for autonomous heater


  • Marine hardware
  • Autonomus heater Teplostar, 4kW, diesel
  • Glass windshield with reverse angle
  • Windshield wipers ROCA (Sweden)
  • Tempered side windows
  • Sliding aft glass door
  • Roof hatches 2 pcs.
  • Springfield DeLux driver's seat
  • Reinforced driver's seat post with two-way adjustment
  • Wide driver's armrest with cup holder
  • Soft cushion "Carbon"
  • V-Foam soft seat filling
  • Front convertible sofa on the left side V-Swing with a locker
  • Rear stationary sofa with locker on the left side
  • Rear sofa with locker behind the driver's seat on the right side
  • Table in the cockpit, removable, transforming into an additional bed
  • Additional hatch in the cabin
  • Berths in the bow cabin
  • Two longitudinal shelves in the cabin
  • Locker under berths
  • Bio toilet niche
  • Side shelves above the windscreen
  • Aluminum linings in the cabin
  • Carpet interior finishing
  • Special scratch-proof paint in the cockpit

Electrical equpment

  • 12V Electrical network
  • Electrical components are factory wired
  • Battery switch
  • Auto bilge pump (electrical)
  • Navigation lights (Port, starboard, stern)
  • Anchor light
  • Marine horn
  • New illuminated stainless steel buttons
  • USB socket
  • Cabin lights
  • Cockpit lights
  • Stern lights

Techninė specifikacija

Aluminum hull, thickness bottom/sides, mm 5/4
Length, m 7,15
Width, m 2,47
Depth amidships, m 1,23
Deadrise on transom, ° 17
Transom height, m 0,635
Max. horsepower 250
Weight, kg 1440
Max. capacity, kg 950
Max. person capacity 7
Integrated fuel tank 240 l
Engine type Outboard

Teirautis Voyager 700 Cabin

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