Yamaha F20 GEPS-A

Our newest F20 is truly a "big" little laptop.

The specification includes battery less EFI and full compatibility with our digital network gauges, as well as comfortable new rest cushions and carrying handles.

with single-lever steering friction control, a wide-range engine mount, a high-performance alternator and options for variable trolling speed, Y-COP safety and tilt power, the F20 is the perfect choice for a wide range of tasks.


  • Unique and economical power-to-weight performance
  • New hard and solid one-piece upper
  • New Battery less EFI system for easy starting
  • Manual, electric and manual/electric start options
  • VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) option
  • Slower than normal idle speed with VTS option
  • Compatible with Yamaha digital network meters
  • Big-Engine feature - Power Tilt option
  • An exclusive security option for the Y-COP immobilizer
  • multifunction steering wheel option
  • Single Lever Steering Friction (Tiller Model)
  • High-end alternator for extra starting power

Techninė specifikacija

Engine type 4-stroke
Displacement 432 cm³
Bore x stroke 65.0 mm x 65.1 mm
Lubrication system Wet pump
Ignition system CDI
Starter system Electric/ Manual (WH), Manual (MH), Electric (E, EP)
Fuel tank capacity Išorinis 25l
Weight without propeller 56kg - 63kg

Teirautis Yamaha F20 GEPS-A

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