Finval 555 SportAngler

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An ideal solution for lovers of sport fishing. An exceptionally powerful power set and excellent seaworthiness will allow you to reach the right place of the reservoir with any wind and excitement. Thanks to solid glazing, which is rare in sports boats, you will feel comfortable even at speeds over 80 km / h. Dry and capacious lockers, two aerators, a pencil case for ten spinning up to 2.7 meters long, spacious podiums ... The boat is perfectly prepared for fishing and will allow you to concentrate as much as possible on finding and capturing real trophies.

Technical specifications

Length 5.5 m
Width: 2.28 m
Cockpit width 2.02 m
The height of the side at midships is 0.94 m
Draft 0.39m
Weight 760 kg
The recommended engine power is 150 hp.
Passenger capacity is 3 people.
Keeled at midships 22 °
Dead end on the transom 19 °
Load capacity 640 kg
Tank 125 l
Aerator forage a 110 l
Aerator nasal 86 l

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