The winch frame, as well as all the brackets (Steel Hands 35 models), are made of strong steel.
The mechanism of the winch consists of: an engine with a closed gear mechanism and a mechanical drive to effect the movement of the coil along the shaft. All mechanical parts involved in the operation of the winch are lubricated with a special water-repellent lubricant.
The electric part of the winch uses a 120 Watt motor with a working voltage of 12 V. On the cover (Steel Hands 35), a fixed three-position, waterproof button is mounted on the bed (Steel Hands 35). In the complete set the wire for connection of a winch to the storage battery in length of 5 meters and the thermal safety relay is delivered.
The winch cover is made of a durable UV-resistant ABC plastic. On the winch cover there is a winch control button.

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