Steel Hands 20

Housing winches, as well as all mounting brackets , made ​​of solid steel.
Winch mechanism consists of a gear mechanism gated svobonogo reset mechanism and the armature coil winding anchor line.
A 12 V motor is used as a part of the winch electric equipment. Non-locking three-position dump-proof knob is installed on the cover. Wire of 5 m long for winch connection is included into the winch set as well as a thermal safety relay.
The lid of winch is executed from a durable plastic. On the lid of winch the management button is located by a winch.
Winch cover is made from stainless steel and contains a control knob.
Nylon rope winch is provided with a diameter of 3.5 mm and a length of 30 m and a tensile force of 360 kg.
The winch mounting kit supplied galvanized bolts and nuts for mounting the winch housing and the roller, and the screws for mounting on an inflatable boat.

Technical specifications

Maximum anchor weight *8 kg Boat length, up to4m Anchor rope∅ 3,5 mm, length 30 m Rollerthere is Attaching to an inflatable boatthere is Control buttonthere is Function buttonsascent / descent Rod for safe transport anchorsthere is The connection cable to the batterythere is Free discharge armaturethere is The rate of rise of the armature20 m/min Amount in a package1 PC The weight9 kg Package dimensions (LxWxH)377х307х177 mm Winch Dimensions (LxWxH)289х289х150 mm Roller Dimensions (LxWxH)260x82x129 mm Dimensions of mounting a inflatable boat (LxWxH)408x160x50 mm Model numberSH – 20 Guarantee1 year

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