Mercury F30M GA EFI

Mercury Outboard motor F30

Four-stroke Mercury has long been characterized by functionality, cleanliness, quiet work, in respect of fuel-efficient outboard use, and now the gap between the engine and other features of the MERCURY is increased. We have combined with advanced engineering inovatyią reality and created outboard engines, which tend to pollute the environment and has a clean, quiet, gentle, and to provide responsive power - all this is implemented with lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs. 25 and 30 HP models are equipped with an industrial, neakumuliatorinę EFI system for easier starting, smooth operation and increased efficiency.

Technical specifications

Eiga 61 x 60 Galingumas 22.1 kW Maksimalios apsukos 5.000-6.000 Cilindrai 3 Kubatūra 526cm3 Užvedimas elektrinis, rankinis Greičio koeficientas 1.92:1 Pavaros pirmyn-atgal-laisva Valdymas vairalazde (360˚) arba nuotolinis Aušinimas vandeniu (termoreguliatorius) Įkrovimo sistema pasirenkamas: 186 V Rekomenduojamas kuras ne žemesnis nei 90 Svoris 71kg Rekomenduojamas transo aukštis 381 - 508 mm CARB įvertinimas 3 star Garantija 2 metai

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