Mercury F60 ELPT EFI

Mercury boat motor F60

Mercury engineers implemented a new engine design for the legs, which allows easier penetration of water. We specify the new throttle settings skalndesniam low speed control. Annex all 40-60 hp Four-stroke boasts a new style of graphics, cover locking system and much more! 40 to 60 HP are available with both feet - standard and high leg. Didžakojai models are ideal8s pontoons and large vessels, and the standard foot aliuminėms žvejybinėms ideal for boats, inflatable boats and dinghies. Mercury 40-60 hp Four-stroke models have a number of advantages, which you will not find in other engines. These benefits will make your voyage a pleasure ...

Technical specifications

Eiga 65 x 75 Galingumas 44.1 kW Maksimalios apsukos 5.500-6.000 Cilindrai 4 Kubatūra 995cm3 Užvedimas elektrinis, rankinis Greičio koeficientas 1.83:1 Pavaros pirmyn-atgal-laisva Valdymas vairalazde (360˚) arba nuotolinis arba distancinis nuotolinis Aušinimas vandeniu (termoreguliatorius) Įkrovimo sistema pasirenkamas: 186 V Rekomenduojamas kuras ne žemesnis nei 90 Svoris 112kg Rekomenduojamas transo aukštis 381 - 508 mm CARB įvertinimas 3 star Garantija 2 metai

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